The interactive timeline is a unique opportunity to find out what’s happening behind the storyline. What laws have been broken? What are the characters thinking? What do their friends think? Click on any of the clips to find out what’s really happening.

Choice point 9

Just a Roll?

Carter Lane, Westtown • 11:40pm

“Rolling” is the crime of Robbery - a very serious crime. Do you think the boys realise that if they get caught they could be facing years in custody?

Tee's View

“I just saw two people coming and then I ran to the corner and the boys were standing over this guy - and Dan kicked him on the ground. And then I was driving… The boys were all screaming at each other in the car - talking about a knife and stabbing the guy. I don’t really know what happened...”

Legal Advice

This crime was almost completely unplanned. The boys didn't talk about exactly what they were going to do, but they all went along with it anyway.

It started out very typically as what a lot of young people describe as a “rolling” offence. “Rolling” is actually a Robbery offence, and rolling someone with a weapon is an Armed Robbery. Many young people do not know this, or don't realise that robbery offences are very serious crimes under the law. (read more)

The crime started out as an Armed Robbery but suddenly escalates into something even more serious. Dan takes the knife and stabs the victim. At this point the crime escalates into a Robbery with Wounding.

Robbery with Wounding is an extremely serious offence. For example, if you were a juvenile and charged with this crime, it is regarded as a Serious Childrens Indictable Offence - a special category of offence that must go up to the higher courts. Kids are dealt with as adults. There are no special laws or more lenient sentences.

After Tee drives them all from the scene, they are screaming at each other and fighting. What Dan did was unexpected and yet they are all about to pay a very heavy price.

What happens demonstrates the dangers and risks involved in hanging out in groups with known offenders, or with people who are carrying knives. Anything can happen and you may end up dragged in, like Tee.