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Choice point 3

Going for a Drive With the Boys

Leila's House • 9:33pm

Why should you always think twice before getting into someone’s car?

Tee's View

“I’ve been waiting to go for a drive with the boys for ages. Nella’s been talking about it, telling me I should come. JD will freak when I tell him.”

Legal Advice

The boys are heading off to “go for a drive”. Tee wants to come along.

At the end of the day, nobody can tell you who to hang out with and where you should go - but you need to think about this:

Once you get into someone else’s car, anything can happen and you are pretty much stuck. You have no control over where you go, and it will be pretty hard to leave.

Getting into a car with a group of guys like this, or people you know commit crime, could lead you into a really bad situation that you wont be able to easily get out of, as happens to Tee (read more)