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Choice point 13

We Have Received New Information...

Police Station • 2 days later

Did you know that if someone dies as a result of a group assault, everyone in the group who was involved in the assault can be charged with murder?

Tee's View

“I can't believe this. I didn't even see what happened. I just went for a drive with the boys. What was I supposed to do?”

Legal Advice

The victim has died, and Tee is now charged - as a principal offender - with both Murder and Armed Robbery.

He is charged on the basis that police believe that he

  • was present
  • acted as a lookout
  • drove the car from the scene
  • and possibly swapped clothing with the unknown male co-accused who stabbed the victim just prior to the offence

Police know that Tee played no active role in the commission of the offence, but they believe he was present and assisting as a lookout. This is known as the law of Joint Criminal Enterprise (read more)

The law says that when one offence escalates to another, and the second offence is a foreseeable consequence of the first, each offender involved is liable for prosecution for both offences. (read more)

For this reason, all 4 boys would be liable to be charged with Murder and Armed Robbery.

Just like Tee, Kass's charges will be upgraded to Murder and Armed Robbery now that the victim has died.