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Choice point 2

Can I Borrow the Car?

Leila's House • 9:30pm

How does Leila end up in trouble by loaning her car to Kass?

Leila's View

“He’s my little cousin, but he’s not a kid. And he said he would never do anything illegal in my car. He knows what Sonny would do to him.”

Legal Advice

Leila is loaning her car to Kass. You should be very careful about loaning your car to people, and you will soon see why.

Lots of things can go wrong when you loan people your car. For example:

If they commit a crime in your car, and police a your car to that crime, you may become a suspect - the police may think it was you.

If they speed or get parking tickets, you will be responsible if you can’t prove it was someone else. It may be hard to prove it wasn’t you. You might end up losing points off your licence or having to pay the fines.

You might not even know that your car got a fine - if nobody pays it, your license or registration could get cancelled and you could be driving around unlicensed and not even know it

To find out more about the legal consequences of loaning someone your car,..(read more)