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Choice point 7

Pass Us the Hoodie

Carter Street, Westtown • 11:38pm

What are the consequences of Tee lending Dan his hoodie?

Sonny's View

“Little Tee has no idea what these boys are doing. I let him go out with them ‘cos he’s gotta learn for himself. I don’t like that Dan guy but Kass said he’s ok so if anything happens Kass will have to explain it to me”.

Legal Advice

Dan asks Tee for his “Hoodie”. He hands it over. By doing this, Tee is basically helping Dan to get away with the crime by helping him hide his face or conceal his identity.

Tee doesn’t really think about this, and doesn’t really mean to help in this way - but that would be very hard to prove. It doesn’t look good.

Swapping clothes with offenders just before or after they commit an offence is a crime and carries severe consequences. The law says that you are helping them to commit the crime by helping them to get away with it (and conceal their identities).

Even if you are not present or willing to assist in the actual commission of a crime, if you swap clothes with offenders, in the very least you can be charged as an accessory.

There are other ways that young people often (sometimes unintentionally) assist each other in committing a crime.

You could also be charged if you

  • conceal, hide or carry property taken in a crime
  • conceal or hide weapons or other things connected to a crime
  • drive offenders to or from the scene of a crime
  • conceal information about a serious crime that you do not disclose to the police

These are some of the many ways you can get charged for assisting others who are committing a crime. (read more)