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Choice point 8

Keep Watch

Meadow Street, Westtown • 11:39pm

Acting as a lookout while someone commits an offence can make you guilty of that offence, as a main offender. Does Tee even realise that he’s acting as the lookout?

Tee's View

“I knew the guys were up to something, but I didn’t really know what I was keeping watch for. I was still pretty stoned but I wanted to do the right thing for Kass.”

Legal Advice

Kassem asks Tee to “keep watch”. So when Tee sees the witnesses walking round the corner about to spring the boys, he jumps out of the car and calls out to alert them.

Tee is acting as a lookout and what he doesn’t realise is that acting as a lookout at the scene of a crime makes you liable, as a principal offender, for that crime.

Tee’s acceptance of that role keeping watch, or acting as a lookout has serious legal consequences, but he doesn’t even ask what they are doing, or what he is keeping watch for! It is typical for young people to agree to act as lookouts to keep out of the offence and avoid being part of it.

It is really important that you know that acting as a lookout is considered to be assisting in the commission of the crime. And if you are present at the scene and acting in this role, you will be charged as a principal offender (read more)