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Choice point 6

Did You Receive an Sms Message?

Service Station • 11:18pm

The police can use mobile phone tracing, DNA, fingerprints and CCTV to link you to a crime. What evidence are the police relying on to a Kass and Tee to the crime?

Kass's View

“When they asked me if I recognised my mobile number, I never thought they could use those texts to a Tee to the crime”.

Legal Advice

In this scene Kass confirms that the mobile phone number they have is his. This is very significant.

This basically as Tee to the crime. They knew that Tee owned one number and they now know that Kassem owns the other.

It gives the police some clear evidence that Tee was with Kass and the others that night and was most probably the fourth male who the witnesses saw in the car.

The police have sophisticated investigative resources for dealing with serious crime. For example:

  • the use of mobile phone tracing to identify offenders and a them to each other or to a crime
  • the use of CCTV footage
  • the cross aing of incidents to identify offenders
  • the use of DNA and fingerprint technology to a suspects to a crime scene.

If you commit a crime like this, you are very likely to get caught. This is an area where police will use all their resources and very advanced investigative techniques to catch offenders.

The other thing to notice is that this is yet another example of how Kassem gives the police information without realising the legal significance. This is another reason why you should get legal advice before you decide to do police interviews and waive your right to silence (click here to see Kassem’s Police Interview again)