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Choice point 4


Car • 10:30pm

Kassem is affected by drugs and alcohol and is driving a car. What are the risks?

JD's View

“Tee thinks those boys give a damn about him? He’s way out of his league. And who’s this Dan guy? Tee’s playing the wrong game if you ask me.”

Legal Advice

These guys are all affected by drugs or alcohol, including the driver. How many things could go wrong? Did you know that:

You can be charged for Driving Under the Influence, not only when you are drunk but also if you are stoned. Police have the technology to test to see if you have been smoking pot.

Like alcohol, smoking pot affects your driving skills in a major way. It may not seem like it if you do it all the time, but no matter how you feel the studies show that you will not be able to react as quickly or make quick decisions when you are stoned. You are at a much greater risk of having an accident.

If you have an accident driving drunk or stoned, and someone dies, you would be charged with Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death. This is a very serious crime, almost as serious as Murder. You could be locked up for a few years, even if you were under 18 at the time. This is one of those charges that are too serious to be dealt with by the Children’s Court. (read more)