Music Links

Plutonic Lab
Plutonic Lab is one of Australia’s most prolific and respected hip hop producers. Seven tracks from his 3rd solo album ‘Codes over Colours’ are featured on the Burn soundtrack. Plutonic Lab also composed some music specially for the film. His solo releases and collaborations with other artists are available on Obese Records.

Spit Syndicate
Sydney MCs Nick Lupi and Jimmy Nice are Spit Syndicate. Their track ‘Weapon of Choice’ features on the Burn soundtrack. Their debut album "Towards the Light" is out now on Obese Records.

Pablo Discobar
Pablo Discobar is an 8-piece funk/soul outfit from Melbourne. With non-stop appearances at venues and festivals around the country, they have been described as “the most exciting live funk band in Australia”. Their debut album is due for release this year - visit their MySpace page for more info.

Obese Records
Obese Records is Australia’s largest independent Hip-Hop label. Releases out on Obese Records are from artists including Plutonic Lab, Pegz, Reason, Spit Syndicate, Muph & Plutonic, Bias B, DJ Bonez and many more. If you liked the music you heard on the Burn Soundtrack, visit the Obese Records website to find out how to get hold of copies and explore other works by the artists featured.