Film Training Links

Community Prophets (Australia / Worldwide)
The creators of 'Burn', Community Prophets gives young people control of the means of producing digital media, re-connects them with their environment and community, raises their expectations of themselves and teaches them to create high-quality media content that validates their identity and their voices. Multi-media storytelling workshops can be tailored to suit any community, anywhere in the world.

Metro Screen (NSW)
Metro Screen runs short courses and full time study in film, video, TV and digital storytelling for adults and young people. YOUNG FILMMAKERS and CHANNEL FREE combine to form Metro Screen's youth programme, providing access to digital film technology, training and mentorship for young people. Metro Screen runs school holiday workshops and special projects in filmmaking and is the leading youth film training and production facility in Australia. The programmes are industry based, which means participants get hands-on learning with professional equipment and experienced tutors.

Open Channel (VIC)
Based in Melbourne, Open Channel is Victoria's screen resource and training organisation for young people and adults. A membership-based, not-for-profit business, Open Channel was established to assist in growing the film, television and multimedia industries by offering support to aspiring and emerging filmmakers. Open Channel creates opportunities for people to realise their films and develop screen production skills. They have three departments of operation: Training, Facilities Hire and Production.

Media Resource Centre (SA)
The MRC in Adelaide provides entry-level to early-career film and digital media makers with access to production equipment, subsidy programs and advice on all aspects of professional and project development, production and marketing.

QPIX is Queensland's screen industry development centre, situated in Brisbane, Australia. QPIX provides a range of integrated services to enable the development, production and exhibition of Queensland film, television and new media. QPIX is one of the national leaders in innovative, effective, industry-focused screen training.

Film & Television Institute (WA)
The Film & Television Institute provides an alternative pathway to the film and television industry through education, exhibition, equipment and production resources. There are lots of different pathways for learning at FTI, everything from short courses, seminars and workshops to fulltime training programs that lead to nationally recognised qualifications.

Wide Angle Tasmania (TAS)
Wide Angle Tasmania provides opportunities such as training courses, screenings, workshops, master-classes, equipment hire and production support. Wide Angle extends skills, facilitates screen community building, and supports the development and growth of the screen industry in Tasmania.